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OSU Garage Sale

The Original OSU/Columbus Area For-Sale Community
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for selling anything you bought and no longer need in the OSU campus or Columbus area. Rather than putting it next to the dumpster in August, make five dollars on it and give it a new home.

Maintainer 1: rachet
Maintainer 2: mrguillo
Maintainer 3: oedesign

  • OSU Campus Trades (usg sponsored)

  • Columbus Craigslist

  • OSU CampusBB

  • Columbus Area Apartment Search

  • Yahoo Groups' ColumbusBuySellorTrade

  • Rules:

    No commercial spam. A tip about a job opening or half-priced burritos on Tuesday is welcome. However, I don't want to see "LOSE 100 LB IN 15 MINUTES!!!". Use your own discretion.

    The only exception to this rule is DIY selling, so long as it closely follows the out-of-state links rule AND the reapeat posting rule. This exception does not negate other rules.

    No out-of-state links. eBay auctions from sellers in Columbus that will give up shipping fees for a handoff are allowed. Links to sale pages with shipping fees are not.

    The only exception to this rule is merchandise that specifically targets Columbus and/or OSU consumers [e.g. an antique Buckeye jersey from a private collection]. This exception does not negate other rules.

    No repeat posting. If an item has not sold in 24-hours, DO NOT turn around and post it again. Update your existing post with new information, and/or post the item again after at least two weeks have passed. If an item is not selling, find another venue. Our audience is small, and thus not everything will go like hotcakes.

    No irrelevant news. Local sales or bands that have upcoming tickets on the market are welcome. Yesterday's murder on High Street is not [unless you are selling the shoes as memorabilia]. Save this news for columbus or ohiostateuniv.

    No off-topic discussions. If you post an off-topic question across all of the Columbus communities, this copy will be deleted without warning. Most of our users also read columbus and/or ohiostateuniv so posting here is simply unwarranted annoyance. Repeat offenses may be subject to banning.

    The only exception to this rule is Columbus-area community promotion. Our community promotes itself 2-3 times per year around popular moving or cleaning seasons. Your promotion in this community should not exceed that number of posts. This exception does not negate other rules.

    This is not eBay. I am assuming most of these transactions will be held in person. I will not be responsible for the prosecution of fraudulent exchanges. Take your big friend named Moe with you.

    Keep bandwidth down. Most of us don't need to see your toaster at 1800x1200 resolution. Keep images under 300x300 or put them behind a cut tag.

    Banning does not hurt my feelings. If any of these rules are violated by someone that does not have the community friended, it is an automatic deletion of the post and banning of the user.

    Other users will receive a warning, unless the nature of the post is exceptionally off-topic and/or offensive. This is at my own discretion, and/or the concensus of the regular community attendance.


    Want to buy something? Requests and product reviews are welcome.

    Want a permalink? If you have a for sale page on your personal website that you keep updated regularly, e-mail the link to me. I'll take a look at it and most likely add it to the info page. I would prefer this over reposting the same sale list weekly. Posts regarding updates to your list are fine if they are following a reasonable time period. Updated lists posted daily are not.

    Not a LiveJournal user? LiveJournal is now free even without invite codes! Sign up today and become active in this welcoming online community.

    Help, I'm banned! Obviosuly you did something wrong. Most likely it has resulted from the terms outlined under the last rule. To be unbanned, you must be a resident of Columbus, or the Columbus area. Following this clarification, you may contact one of the moderators and plead your case.

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    Server Settings For The OSU.FOR-SALE & OH.FORSALE Newsgroups In Your Mail Program:

    These settings are for OSU students with OSU accounts. If you are not an OSU student, ask your local internet provider for their newsgroup server and use your account with them to log in.

    Go into your account settings and add a new account.

  • Server Type: News Server [NNTP]

  • Server Name: nntp.service.ohio-state.edu

  • When prompted, use your OSU username and password to connect. Go to subscribe and locate the "OH" and "OSU" groups. You can select any groups you want to subscribe to and you are set to go. They should each appear as another mail account to check.